Friday, October 12, 2007

A Little Papoose on Friday

I've been into the artist Papoose for some time now and wanted to drop a little on you today. I'm not totally feeling his music, but he reps Brownsville and had a wild track called "Alphabetical Slaughter" back when.

Other hits: "50 Shots" about the Sean Bell murder that cited an article in the NY Post. Step yer game up, Pap! Don't cite that tabloid. Another song gave a little hope to some Katrina victims. He aiight -- he says some whack stuff once in a while like "I drink so much I cry liquor/smoke so much w33d, I fart w33d smoke."

Step yer game up, Pap!

But I got into him after seeing him in this former pizza place once:

It's going to be a cafe soon, but it once had some good pizza pie. But here's a little video of Papoose rollin around the hood at the Betsy Head Pool, three blocks from my school. Check out Pap rockin' the Fila shirt like he's hard up on cash :

I had my lunch from this vegan juice bar called Denzil's on Rutland. Wild spot. Betsy Head stay high!!!

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