Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If you're round my way.

If you're 'round my way & hungry, check these spots out:

Dominican Food Truck - Rockaway and Strauss

Fried pork or chicken with rice and peas, plantains, and tostones for $4 or $5 (Small or Large). I check this spot out if I'm decidedly not eating healthy that day. They set up at around 8am and are still there when I'm leaving at around 3;30. The truck says JJ Snack Bar on 181 Dean St, so I imagine that there are a few others around the city. Have you seen one?

Napoli Pizza - 1712 Rockaway Ave

You can get a $1.75 slice and it's the best in the neighborhood. They don't have paper plates! They only serve slices on a tray with a piece of waxpaper on there. It's also the only place to grab a Cherry Coke 'round there.

It's also the sanctuary for some cops in the neighborhood. Around lunchtime, you can see them playing PSPs or reading the Daily News. If you're lucky, you might get to listen to them talk about all the "animals" in the neighborhood, which they call the "zoo."

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